COP29 Green Zone

The Green Zone serves as a melting pot for a diverse group of stakeholders: from the general public and private enterprises to media personnel, scholars, youth, indigenous communities, NGOs, civil society, and official Blue Zone representatives.

Operated and established by the COP29 Presidency, Green Zone provides a dynamic forum for various participants to make their perspectives known. It's a hub for engaging discussions, panels, and demonstrations showcasing both current innovations and potential solutions for combating climate change.

The concept behind the Green Zone under the guidance of the COP29 Presidency emphasizes the essential collaboration between government bodies and all stakeholders in tackling climate issues.

Here, stakeholders have the opportunity to present their innovative solutions and contributions towards addressing climate challenges. Their inventions, solutions, and entrepreneurial spirit are crucial to the success of COP29 in Azerbaijan.

Those interested in representation in the Green Zone can submit their official applications via the platform Applications are open until 10 July 2024. Participants may address any queries about the Green Zone to the following email address

Watch the video message from Nigar Arpadarai, the Climate Change High-Level Champion for COP29, inviting to participate in the Green Zone.