COP Presidencies Troika

COP Presidencies Troika - Road map to Mission 1.5


Vision, objectives, and scope of work


The international community entered COP28 with a clear recognition that the world is off-track to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement. With the conclusion of the outcome of the first Global Stocktake (GST) and the decisions under the UAE Consensus, Parties rallied behind a shared understanding of the gaps in global climate action and delivered a unified vision for course correction to keep 1.5°C within reach. The unprecedented urgency in this critical decade to scale climate action across all pillars of the Paris Agreement requires a renewed impulse towards implementation of Parties’ decisions under the UNFCCC process, while supporting nationally determined ambition. It is in this context that the first GST mandated the “Roadmap to Mission 1.5” through which the COP Presidencies Troika has been established.


Mandate and Objectivies

As set out in the decision on the Outcome of the first global stock take, the Road map to Mission 1.5 aims to significantly enhance international cooperation and the international enabling environment to stimulate ambition in the next round of NDCs, with a view to enhancing action and implementation over this critical decade and keeping 1.5°C within reach.

With the Troika, the UAE, Azerbaijan, and Brazil - Presidencies of COP28, COP29 and COP30 respectively - aim to build continuity and coherence between Presidencies to ensure momentum going from Dubai Conference into Baku COP in 2024 and beyond into Belem COP in 2025, through an innovative and strategic partnership that can help Parties move from negotiated texts to action and implementation, in order to help put into action what we all have agreed multilaterally. This will include joint initiatives and activities focused on enhanced climate action. At the same time, the Troika will seek to enhance consistency and coherency of existing mechanisms within and outside the UNFCCC process by creating a shared platform for action and set of activities, coordinating, and building on existing Presidency initiatives, and advocacy on submissions of 1.5°C - aligned NDCs by early 2025.

As such, the next round of NDCs in 2025 must be informed by the first GST, including backed by accessible, affordable, transparent, and inclusive climate finance and other means of implementation and provision of support so to ensure that the world can truly redefine collective ambition and accelerate implementation.