COP29 Presidency Hosts International Diplomatic Corps in Lachin Climate Action Dialogue
24 May 2024
COP29 Presidency Hosts International Diplomatic Corps in Lachin Climate Action Dialogue

The COP29 Presidency today hosted members of the international diplomatic corps as part of the Lachin Climate Action Dialogue. As part of the event, the COP29 Presidency laid out its vision and pillars for a successful year of climate negotiations, encouraging an open and direct dialogue among all nations.

Following a presentation, dignitaries toured environmental projects underway in the Lachin district of Azerbaijan. As Azerbaijan gears up to host the 2024 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP29), it is demonstrating to the world its commitment to lead by example in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and in building climate resilient communities.

The delegation visited a number of cutting-edge environmental projects in and around Lachin city, which were made possible by Azerbaijan’s investment of the revenues of its oil and gas industry in its green future.

Participants also visited the “Zert” agroindustrial park, to see how Azerbaijani farmers are responsibly building the region’s agricultural footprint. Finally, visiting diplomats were shown the “Hakari Baliqciliq” fishery, to watch the reintroduction of local fish species as part of efforts to restore the region’s natural environment and biodiversity.

The presentation was opened by remarks from Hikmet Hajiyev, Assistant of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Head of Foreign Policy Affairs Department of the Presidential Administration. He emphasized the importance of global solidarity, noting: “We are all in the same boat: if we achieve success, it will be everybody’s success.” Mr. Hajiyev also called for greater investment to speed the pace of the just transition. “There is no other way than a global green energy transition. It is a global security issue. But the pace of the transition is too slow. If we want to keep 1.5C within reach, we must triple renewable power and double energy efficiency by 2030,” he said.

Mr. Hajiyev’s remarks were followed by comments from the COP29 leadership team, including President-Designate H.E. Mukhtar Babayev, Lead Negotiator Yalchin Rafiyev, CEO Elnur Soltanov, High-Level Champion Nigar Arpadarai, and Youth Champion Leyla Hasanova.

Addressing dignitaries at the presentation, COP29 President-Designate H.E. Mukhtar Babayev said: “Today, we have a chance to deliver our messages and hopes for COP29, but also to hear your views, experiences and recommendations for this year’s negotiations. We will do our best to bring the Parties together, and we have had some positive signals from the Parties that they will consolidate their efforts and try to find good outcomes this year.”

The delegation also heard from COP29 Lead Negotiator Yalchin Rafiyev, who updated diplomats on the ongoing climate negotiations: “The major expectations of COP29 that we have heard from Parties are two major deliverables: a new goal on climate finance, and delivery of Article 6. We are quite optimistic that all countries can come to a decision on these, as every one of us is affected by the adverse impacts of climate change. We see COP29 as the Enabling COP, that can create a platform for the success of COP30, and all future COPs.”

Furthermore, COP29 CEO Elnur Soltanov explained “As host of COP29, we need to lead by example. The region we are visiting today is the first region in Azerbaijan that has committed to reaching net zero by 2050. All the energy produced and consumed in this region will be green, and Azerbaijan will become a major exporter of renewable energy.”

Diplomats also heard from UN High-Level Champion Nigar Arpadarai who said that “We believe that Azerbaijan has what it takes to make COP29 a success. We will build a great platform for global equality and inclusivity – this is what we want to see at COP29.”

Youth Climate Champion Leyla Hasanova added “The challenge of climate change calls for collective action. We need to start this at home, and educate the next generation on how climate change will affect their lives, and why we need to take urgent action.”

The environmental works in and around Lachin are just one of the ways that Azerbaijan is seizing the opportunities of the energy transition, protecting and restoring its natural environment, and investing in its people.

Azerbaijan will bring the countries of the world together as the host of COP29 in Baku this November. As the COP29 Presidency, Azerbaijan has put forward a plan, built on two mutually reinforcing pillars of enhancing ambition and enabling action, that it will use to deliver a successful year of climate negotiations.

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